Catfish Larva Treatment and Care

 I have discussed previously about catfish spawning process, the next stage we will learn is the care of these catfish seedlings. This process is what we call the process of separating. The process of separating the target harvest sizes 5-6 take approximately 40 days. Explanation step by step treatment are as follows:

  1. Stage day 1-4 after hatching: Nursing seed catfish at this stage as I alluded to earlier is the flow of water (small volume) do not forget to be given mesh pipe hole when the water came out fine for not carrying out the seeds. Also you can add fertilising plankton in the water (for fertilising plankton you can buy in the stores or make your own fishing). At this stage do not need to seed catfish feed given first because the source is still full of catfish nutrition from yolk (egg yolk) catfish seed itself
  2. Stage days 5-15 after hatching: At this stage seed catfish fed with a silk worm. How to feed pretty with the spread of silk worms in the bottom of the pool alone or with a mortar placed no place like the land. Period of worms is to check if already running out please add a new worm. During days 1-15 try to check the cleanliness of the water extract of the pond. Check the water covers the smell, and dirt in the pool. If the water has smelled bad and debris buildup you can do quite a lot of water reduction by 50% with the small tube is then filled again with new water and by doing siphon the water bottom using a small hose.
  3. Phase Day 15-25: At this stage I call the stage may be a fairly busy and need more monitoring. Feeding at this stage has the form of powder pellets (please start from day 14-15 begin to be given a little pellet powder as a transition period of feed introduction.) The food can be done about 4 times a day. the dose on the theory usually around 20% - 30% of the existing seed bimass. but the method I took was adlibitum method (the method is a method adlibitum pemeberian eat will gradually but continuously, the dose of each feeding behavior seen from the seedlings when they are not so respond to the current feeding was stopped). At this stage also begun to be seen when the seed density catfish pond looks very solid so you can reduce the density to be moved some of the new pool. Seser removal methods can fine or even by flowing water (with a small hose) from the pool of new seeds and allow seedlings kekolam follow the flow of water.
  4. Phase Day 25-30: At this stage pemeberian pellet feed grains have small size (size F-1000). Feeding 4 times a day (morning-afternoon-evening-night). To apply the method of feeding my adlibitum system. Perkelan food should be done from day to 24-25. In this period if necessary you can move the seedlings into the new pool (if the old pool was dirty) and also started the selection of seed catfish to avoid competition in the population and not uniform seed size.
  5. Phase Day 30-40: At this point check the size of seedlings should be more frequently performed, while many are not uniform you can do the selection again. selection should be done in the morning or late afternoon to reduce stress levels during the selection process. The food at this stage still with F-1000 and could begin to increase the size of the F-999.
  6. Entering the 40th day you can begin to harvest size 5-6.
A description of the making of fertilising plankton themselves, how to transfer seed catfish, catfish seedling selection of ways and I will explain in more detail in my next post thank you and good luck.

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